A bus ride in Thailand

The pictures below are from a bus ride from outside our hotel to a shopping plaza that was some distance away and back again. Daylight on the way, night on the way back. I can’t even remember where we were when I took these.┬áIt is always interesting to create pictures when other people don’t see the possibilities all around them. Movement pictures are great and the shutter speed controls the types of images you get, from painting with light to pictures with just a slight movement. I keep the camera still for some and then move the camera while the shutter is open for others.

All pictures shot on a Canon EOS D60 in 2005 with a Sigma zoom lens.

Love this one! A motorbike on a motorbike.

This was taken when the bus came to a halt in traffic.




About Roger

Roger Gould, Australian international sports and advertising photographer has worked on assignment for some of the worlds leading magazines. he emerged from photographing record covers of rock and roll musicians to start one of Australia's first specialist sport press agencies, photographing tennis, cricket, golf, football as well as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Roger is a past President of the International Tennis Photographer's Association and has conducted photography seminars for Kodak in many countries. He currently works in aerial and advertising photography.
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