Hong Kong pictures with the Fujifilm X-Pro1

After working for many years in various countries of the world photographing sports and lugging around 400mm 2.8’s and 600 f4’s it was time to rest the shoulders and go to Hong Kong with just the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and the three lenses available.  I have always enjoyed the direct viewfinder on the Leica I owned in the past because of the need to visualise the picture before pressing the shutter, it also applies to visualising how different colours will behave when changed to black and white.

It is always interesting in getting to know a new model of camera and I did have the the “heebie jeebies” when the X-Pro1 showed up its problems from time to time. Previous experience with the X100 showed me what I was in for.

However . . .  when the images are in the computor they are great! I used it in all sorts of conditions and some of the results are shown below.

About Roger

Roger Gould, Australian international sports and advertising photographer has worked on assignment for some of the worlds leading magazines. he emerged from photographing record covers of rock and roll musicians to start one of Australia's first specialist sport press agencies, photographing tennis, cricket, golf, football as well as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Roger is a past President of the International Tennis Photographer's Association and has conducted photography seminars for Kodak in many countries. He currently works in aerial and advertising photography.
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