Infrared Photography on the Mornington Peninsula

Below are some samples of infrared photography done on an old Canon DSLR which has had the sensor removed and a new infrared sensor put in it, this makes infrared photography much easier as you don’t need dark red filters and can capture moving subjects ¬†without the tripod that is required with heavy red filtration and long exposures. The camera auto focus also has to be adjusted as infrared will focus to a different point than a normal camera with auto focussing.

The pictures were taken at Dromana, the first four are at the Centro Shopping Centre on the Nepean Highway and the last ones just a walk across the road to the beach. The first picture is one of my favourites, it is to me a “happy” picture, just like a smiling face.

One of my favourite pictures.

A black and white version of the above

Another variation on the above picture

About Roger

Roger Gould, Australian international sports and advertising photographer has worked on assignment for some of the worlds leading magazines. he emerged from photographing record covers of rock and roll musicians to start one of Australia's first specialist sport press agencies, photographing tennis, cricket, golf, football as well as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Roger is a past President of the International Tennis Photographer's Association and has conducted photography seminars for Kodak in many countries. He currently works in aerial and advertising photography.
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